This is the Manifesto of what Fumble wants to be as a publishing house. We'll leave it here as a reminder, both for us and for you, because sometimes it is easy to forget where we started from.

The "Perfect Game" does not exist

If you are looking for that game that will cover all the possible settings and game styles for you and your friends ... Get over it, there is no such game. Any game, even the most famous and popular ones, cannot do everything. Those that try to do it all typically end up being either too complicated or too general. The games we want to make try to tell something specific.

We don't want to make monolithic games

Just like there are no perfect games, trying to make a single mega game that tries to fit everything is an extremely daunting task. Our games prefer to be small, fast and modular: it is better to try to invent something new than to try to force something that already exists.

We want to publish original systems

The idea of ​​taking a game with a license that allows you to modify it, change some rules and distribute it, is often the easiest way, but it's not our way. It is not even a wrong path, and although it is true that we will often be inspired by mechanics that we have seen in other games, we still want to be as original and creative as possible, trying to write games that can live on their own.

We want to invent new worlds, but we don't want to tell you how to use them

As roleplayers, we also like to write settings. We have dozens of them in mind, some we have used in our podcasts, others are just notes in notebooks abandoned in our closets: the important thing is that we don't want to write settings that depend on one system rather than another. We want to tell you about the worlds we imagined and give you the tools to play with the system you think is best, whether it is one of ours or not does not matter.

We want to explore everything involving role-playing and board games

There are a lot of interesting products that talk about games without being games themselves, and we want to try to make them known even to those who may struggle to find them: books on role-playing philosophy, game design theory... All things that can enrich the life of a player.

We will continue to create free multimedia content

Fumble was born as a podcast, and starting to write and sell role-playing and board games does not mean that that fundamental part of its nature will be forgotten, on the contrary, it will always be the backbone of what Fumble is for us.

We want to look for a new model for selling and distributing games

We are not afraid of digital, we all work in that field, and we know that anyone who tries to download free PDFs of a manual is because they wouldn't have bought the same physical one. At this point we prefer to look for a new way to make you enjoy our games in a way comfortable for you and profitable for us.

We want to give what is right to our employees

"We will give you visibility" is something we don't want to tell anyone. A job is a job and it is right that it is paid as such: if you want to collaborate with us and we reply that we will pay in visibility, know that they have replaced us with Doppelgängers and it is better to call an adventurer to find our real bodies.